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What makes a Professional?


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Professionals know what they want, and they get it. They empowered themselves to achieve their dreams. They are focused and disciplined.

We can be one of them. So, how does one become a champion or professional? There are a lot of factors.

First, professionals carry a passionate heart. They love what they do because they love those for whom the task or mission is intended. They have started with self preservation,  but evolved into champions. I can refer to them as evolved winners whose taste of victory lead others to similar victories.

With regard to this, I gamely launch myself into struggles and effort. As far as I know, no effort can last indefinitely unless it is ignited and sustained by love. And by love, it means the passion for others to work with.

Second, they see themselves as a servant of life. His values is perhaps measured more by his influence on the lives of other people. This is the attitude that guarantees a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Third, they live by principles, connections and significance. They cultivate their characters just like a crystal.

Then, they walk with purpose and differentiate themselves to others. They are unique. They are not complete on their own, so they dream a lot. They craft their own visions. And go for it. No matter what it takes.

Lastly,  they put priorities in place. They maintain their sense of balance. Everyday.

So, how do I embrace the stated principles? I set myself on a process that will ultimately end in someone or something else beyond my self. This instinct spells the significance and meaning of life. That’s when I could give a brave answer to life’s fatal question: why am I here?

Things are made for a purpose. The person who makes something knows why he is making it.



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