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Monito and Monita

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“Monito and Monita.”

This is the famous game of exchange gifts every Christmas. You pick a name that you’d give a gift without them knowing. We had that in our church, and everyone is obliged to participate.

I had picked a name of a postulant, and I don’t know him personally. We are instructed too not to know who picked us, for it to be a surprise. Though we’re just in one community in San Agustin Church, we seldom see some of the people, especially those who are in the seminary. Continue reading “Monito and Monita”

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The `AlDub` Phenomenon

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July 16, 2015 was the beginning of love story of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, as Yaya Dub, on the episode of ‘AlDub Kalyeserye”.

And this tandem brought them into a certified phenomenon.

This idea has led the records and high ratings for Eat Bulaga and on the social media such as in twitter, facebook and instagram. Pairing these two persons was just an accident when Yaya Dub was caught on camera with her ‘kilig’ reaction towards Alden Richards. Continue reading “The `AlDub` Phenomenon”