About the Writer

“Her soul is royalty.”
Theater Actress |Film Enthusiast | Journalism
’93 | MNL | Contemporary Arts | Mango Graham

Every once and awhile, I feel fleetingly guilty for loving my life.

But then I realize I’m being crazy and shake off the weird caring-what-others-think vibe, because I know the truth.

I get what I want because I’m not afraid to ask for it.  I spend a fair amount of time imagining possibilities, creating intentions, and putting out clear wishes to the Universe.

I announce what I want in public and then I go after it. I get what I want because I spend a lot of time, energy and love nurturing the things I care about most deeply — my family,  my friends, my business, and my personal integrity.

I don’t dwell on setbacks. I am a machine when it comes to simply trying again, as far as the positive attitude goes. I think it has a lot to do with hope, confidence, and vulnerability.

Not every day is peachy or upbeat or fun, but I’m grateful for every day. I’m gentle with myself. I prefer to focus on blessings, rather than lack.  I would rather encourage than criticize. I let things light me up, even when it’s “cool” to be sarcastic. I totally believe that rudeness, impatience or anger never helps the situation, so I tend to use honey rather than vinegar.

So, why I write? I write because there are so many ideas that are extremely running inside my brain. I write because I can’t longer hold them tight. They are slowly escaping outside of my head, down to my ears, to the tip of my lips, and rushing below my hands. And if I wouldn’t release them, they would explode on the viscera of my body.

I write because I believe that words are so powerful. It has its own mouth that can totally build, destroy, manipulate, change and nurture the human interest from romance, comedy, drama, sci-fi, suspense and horror of a daily life. It can be poisonous, benevolent, savaged or civilized. They can control your mind and soul on how you think, how you speak and how you act.

I write because I believe that the only way to express all the strong feelings experienced by men and women is in the form of writing with the use of pen, paper and a cup of hot coffee. The desire for sexuality and intimacy between men and women are quite different. I compare it to an aftertaste of a coffee that can be bitter or sweet, milky with a kick, or foamy on top of it.

I write because I believe, biologically, that men must pursue women. Men like women. They will open the doors for the women they like. They will chase and court them no matter what it takes. Gentlemen, the ball is always in your court, so let it rolls.

Eventually, I write because only words can give me an excitement and thrill in order to be part of the human race and the madness of the society.


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