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The Greatest Gift

“You often come across the question:
Who are the most important people in your life?”
Photo taken  by Iman Mensenares at San Agustin Museum

The first word that immediately comes to my mind: Family. My mother, my father, my sister, my brother, my grandparents, and my nephews. These are the people that I know for a fact will be by my side when I need them the most, no matter what happens.

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Trust: Gained Inch by Inch

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What exactly is trust? It could be a feeling or a cause and effect kind of thing. It can be gained and lost.

I have not had the best experience with trust. It has been a painful and difficult road for me, not to mention a confusing one. I have been turned on, back stabbed, kicked while on the ground and even bullied with others. People seem to always break their trust with me. They gain it, and then do something to lose it all. Continue reading “Trust: Gained Inch by Inch”