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My Commencement Address


L-R: Mr. Graciano P. Budoy Jr-School Principal (Blue Top), Mr. Sherwin Ballesta-Mathematics Teacher (Pink Top), Mrs. Carmelina D.M. Tan-Public Schools District Supervisor (Sitting), and Me while receiving the certificate on the recognition day.

Dear All, 

I was invited to be a guest speaker on my elementary Alma Mater last March 28, 2017. Kindly see below the copy of my speech during the recognition day. I hope this would help to motivate and inspire the youth today. Happy reading!



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College: The Best Time of a Person’s Life

The college years are the best time in a person’s life. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

My Squad (L-R): Lourigan Lacaba, Bernice Padua, Joscelle Macarubbo, Iman Mensenares, Lyka Mananguite, Airah Agustin and Rovy Erlandez

Image source via: PLM BMC Batch 2016 Graduation Pictorial (Splurge Photography)

College is when a child develops into an adult, a child gets out of school, faces a completely different world. This world possesses different challenges and forces him to take up responsibilities.

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Epilogue in Prologue

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April 13, 2016 is the day that all of us, graduating students, anticipate for.

This will be the time we will receive our diploma; the one thing that we have strived hard for for four years. Four years of hardships to be able to finish studies. Four years of our parents’ sacrifice for us to be able to continue schooling. Four years of blood, sweat, intelligence and determination. Continue reading “Epilogue in Prologue”


Rush Papers, Everywhere.


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If you’re now a graduating student, you have thrice the workload of school works compared to lower years.

You would experience three days straight without sleep, just to finish everything you need to finish before the deadline.

You will always be in front of your laptop, typing until your hands can no longer move. You can’t stop working, because all works will be piled up. Continue reading “Rush Papers, Everywhere.”