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What Does Concentration Can Do to You?


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Concentration- Noun. The act of giving exclusive attention to an object. It comes from the combination of the Middle English word “concentr(ic)” between the year 1625-35, which means having a common center, and a Latin suffix “-ātiōn-“.

So, what’s the point of discussing the origin of the word “Concentration”? My answer is quite simple. Concentration is the fundamental ingredient of victory. And victory requires a lot of attention, determination and grit in this world full of failures, hatred and cruelty. And when I say cruelty, it means some of the people that you may know, are gently dragging you down in a position where you at, softly stepping the slope of your fingers until it turned blue and numb, and enjoying the pain ’til it becomes part of your system without a prior notice. Sounds cool, isn’t it? Continue reading “What Does Concentration Can Do to You?”