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“My Vagina is not a Playground.”

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Has anyone ever told you that VAGINA is the most adorable part of a woman’s body? Besides of its different extra-ordinary appearance. Having its dark-kinky-little hair, a shape like a cute fresh nut, and with a snappy-sweet-tickled clitoris. 

You know what I mean. That ‘clitoris’ thing. That beautiful standing still creature saying,

“Hi! Hello!


Saloma! Ola chikita! Kamusta?

Sayonara! Akin-acacia!”

Some men may not know it, but we, women, have an erection too! The lady-rosy clitoris becomes erect and it roars like a hungry animals! These are the features that make your vagina, my vagina, and all of our vaginas unique!

Come on guys! It’s not hard that we have seen all shapes and sizes of that beautiful stunning-dark-hazelnut-chocolate pussy. You should be proud of your own vagina! Of your own pussycat! Yummy cookie! Juicy tenie-winnie-pee-pee, yellow polka dots bikini! And wet-wet, and ready on the go, monkey likes dicky!

Vaginas are so powerful! When all vaginas here unite, that’s the end of the festivity, marry making process of all man’s dick! Because in quick lapping movements, we concentrate on our savage needs, following the directions of our urge!

“Ohhh, yes baby! Oh, yes!”

“Up! Down! Up! Down! And it goes faster! And faster! AND FASTER!”


“Spank me! Spank me! SPANK MY BUTT-SO-HAAARD!”

And for that instance, women definitely win.

My vagina is like a building. When someone knocks on the door, and comes in, you will discover a whole universe inside of my own sexy delicate body.

Imagine, if I would be chosen as one of the delegate judges on a beauty contest participated by all men, and would ask them with one and only one question,

“What would you do if you could be a woman for a day?”

I promised. The results are going to shock you a bit.

One man would answer, “Oh men! I would sit on the chair, play with my breasts, and touch my pokie-pokie all day!”

And the other man would say, “Oh! I would have sex with many guys as I could! And suck every man’s penis until his eyes turn white because of extreme-extreme pleasure!”

Women, listen. This world is a bitch! And so are you!

Women, your one and only floppy vagina is not a playground! So do not allow just any man’s dick to come along, have fun, and play with your own pussy! Learn to resist temptation! By saying,

“Oh, my baby hard cock, I want to taste you, I want to lick you,

and put you in my holy-warm mouth,


Then, turn them away and sending them back to the other playground, to play with another pussy.

Listen, ladies here. Before you go to sleep tonight, silently go to your room. Gently lock the door. Lay down on your bed and tell yourself these last phrases.



Note: This piece of mine is a type of vagina monologues. It means only women can perform this kind of art. Obviously, because they carry their own vaginas. It tackles about the ladies empowerment in this generation. From young ones, puberty stage, womanhood, to adult life.


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