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What Does Concentration Can Do to You?


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Concentration- Noun. The act of giving exclusive attention to an object. It comes from the combination of the Middle English word “concentr(ic)” between the year 1625-35, which means having a common center, and a Latin suffix “-ātiōn-“.

So, what’s the point of discussing the origin of the word “Concentration”? My answer is quite simple. Concentration is the fundamental ingredient of victory. And victory requires a lot of attention, determination and grit in this world full of failures, hatred and cruelty. And when I say cruelty, it means some of the people that you may know, are gently dragging you down in a position where you at, softly stepping the slope of your fingers until it turned blue and numb, and enjoying the pain ’til it becomes part of your system without a prior notice. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

But if you deeply know yourself, the emblematic phrases that I have written in the second paragraph don’t suit you, definitely you are 99.9 percent aware of your environment! Congratulations! You know how to play the role of a fool to fool the fool who thinks he can fool you. Always keep in mind that concentration finds a way to handpick the good tomatoes from the bad and rotten ones.

So, what does concentration can do to you? First, a person like you knows how to focus and develops great possibilities within yourself. You are the mighty chief of your life. Second, you put a lot of effort to get what you want, even if it gets tough. You believe in the beautiful mantra of life, “if I can be, I will be.” Similarly, you also consider that a good habit is a matter of requirement. You’re very eager on the things that you do and you have mastered the power of will. This kind of person is an action-result oriented. As a matter of fact, good books are overflowing on your wooden-shelves because you read a lot. You firmly clasp every opportunity that comes along your way. And yes, procrastination is not on your priority list. You are the product of good will, good works and deeds. But what makes you shine with most splendor? It’s your attitude towards everything. Indeed, you strongly believe that there is always good in all things and in everything.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to embrace the significance of concentration, definitely it’s your choice! Don’t expect anyone to help you. Not ever. Let me tell you that talents and intelligence of a person go to waste without better use. No one and nobody can do this for you-only you.

Therefore, if you want to start it now, you must discover your own good qualities and assets. Always find a reason for doing it. Keep in mind that the harder the task, the bigger the reward. Look for the advantages of every obstacle. In this world full of monsters with friendly faces, all things are possible. You just have to work on it. Let me tell you that the most rewarding price is not always in the form of money, but in the effort itself that you have exerted. Go ahead and do it! Another tip, don’t let anyone to stop you. And never sit down or complain, just concentrate!


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