Rush Papers, Everywhere.


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If you’re now a graduating student, you have thrice the workload of school works compared to lower years.

You would experience three days straight without sleep, just to finish everything you need to finish before the deadline.

You will always be in front of your laptop, typing until your hands can no longer move. You can’t stop working, because all works will be piled up.

This month, almost all school works are already finished. We have already finished the film fest, and we have already survived our final defense even though we still have few revisions.

All of our reportings are already done, and we have already had our oral exam in Professional Communication. Only two events left for us this school year; a forum and a film event. We just need to finish everything for us to be able to breathe again. Now, it’s time to thank God for giving us the wisdom.

To God be the Glory!


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