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A Bit of “Sintunado.”


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Do you have that worst day in your life that you don’t want to remember anymore?

Mine recently happened last December 23, 2015. My worst day and night ever.

Why? I was so embarrassed that I didn’t do good in our Christmas presentation. The sound system was faulty, so is my voice. “Sintunado” for short. I was so embarrassed for my workmates that they got me as a vocalist for their performance.

When we were on stage, I really just want to drown in embarrassment. We were already tipsy because we started drinking early. We were already going to back out because the guy who was supposed to play the tambourine didn’t come. We decided to go with the performance because we have been practicing early in the morning. I went with the performance even if it’s not that good. I told the audience after the performance that, “kapal ng mukha at lakas ng loob lang ang kailangan”. I was a frustrated singer that night.

Even if it was embarrassing, the important part is that I did it. One priest also told me that it’s okay, what’s important is that I made them happy that night. I laughed at it, but probably I won’t do it again. I DIED.

PS. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May the Lord God bless you with good health and more blessings to come!


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