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Monito and Monita

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“Monito and Monita.”

This is the famous game of exchange gifts every Christmas. You pick a name that you’d give a gift without them knowing. We had that in our church, and everyone is obliged to participate.

I had picked a name of a postulant, and I don’t know him personally. We are instructed too not to know who picked us, for it to be a surprise. Though we’re just in one community in San Agustin Church, we seldom see some of the people, especially those who are in the seminary.

Everyone was busy and excited. I was busy too finding what to give to my monito. Even if I can’t give him the Avatar he has in his wish list, I know he will like my gift. The night came that we’ll have our exchange gift, I first asked those who are in the seminary who’s Felix. They pin-pointed the big guy wearing white that was on the next table. I called him and gave him my gift. We chatted a little and he said his thanks.

Later on, the one who has picked me came; that was Bro. John. He hugged me and gave me his gift. Two tops and a perfume. I thanked him.

It’s good that you made someone happy this Christmas and also every day. Either it’s you or other people who are giving, what’s important is you appreciate the little things because it always warms the heart to give.


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